Meet Up/Gathering Meet up for a football video!


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Hi guys and welcome to this thread.

I just wanted to introduce myself before telling you guys what the title means.

- I'm Jay and my channel is called TheBeardedJ. I have a Beard and my name is Jay (Get it?)
- I live in Leicester, which is located in the Midlands.
- I'm 22 years of age and currently working as an IT Engineer at the local council.

- I'm a small youtuber that has surpassed over 1000 subscribers but have been really inactive due to the current situation of a full time job and hardly ever having time to record videos. I have finally made some time to do videos and managing this hobby. I'm aiming to do a lot of things this year and next year but just growing a foundation and getting to know people more for future group videos.

The thread is about FOOTBALL. Now I don't know if anyone on this thread is into football but I'm a huge fan and use to play for Derby County until my knee broke, ACL muscle tore and cartilage damage. I've been playing standard 6 a side and have been getting better and better after being out 4-5 years due to injury which left me to go down another route of my young life. Also putting on a lot of weight in that space of time. I've currently lost a lot of weight since than and trying to get into shape which will be explained in a video I am working on but for now I just want to know what you people are interested in.

I was thinking of doing a load of challenge videos over the course of time, replications of past goals and how they were scored, dizzy penalties, forfeits, strength, control etc you name it.

I want to see if anyone is interested and get to know them. If you want to check out my previous videos, you can I believe below or search "TheBeardedJ".

Look forward to hearing from you guys and if you want to talk, respond to this, start a conversation on this and I'll supply my skype username to talk further.

Thank you for reading if you got this FAR.