Making a Channel Trailer (One Channel)


I Love YTtalk
So the new OneChannel now allows users to create a "Channel Trailer" to let unsubscribed viewers know about your content.
So, the first question you have to ask yourself is.. WHAT DO I SAY?!
Good question chap, What you say in this trailer could determine whether or not this person subscribes to you. So first things first, you wanna keep it short and sweet. Don't talk for 20 minutes about how big your biceps are, keep it short, simple and entertaining.

Length - Try to keep this trailer around 30-40 seconds long, so there is more of a chance they will watch the entire video. Try to cover as much as you can in this short time though, you can talk about your goals for the channel, or about how you can provide them with quality entertainment.

Visuals - You want this to catch there attention, so they are captivated to keep watching and explore deeper into your channel. Use animations, pop-ups and fancy editing to obtain this effect, sometimes less can be more. Even something as simple as a piece of text popping up at the right time can make a HUGE difference

Script - Don't be scared, but you might actually have to show your face for 30 seconds! Letting the viewer see your face will give them an insight into the real you, not just the Alias you hold. If I was watching your trailer, I would rather see you over a gameplay with a commentary. It's your channel, your videos, show them the person who they will be subscribing to!

I hope these short tips can give you guys a little bit more help when it comes to producing a trailer for your channel, thanks for reading!

Awesome tips! Ill definitely use them when making my trailer..ive yet to work on that lol
Thanks For The Tips I Dont Have Trailer Yet And I Am Not Thinking To Do But If I Do I Wil Do It Like You Said :D