Make Money uploading TikTok Compilation on YouTube 2022 [without copyright Claims]

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When it comes to Tiktok compilation videos, most creators usually go with, Vine compilation, Fight compilation, Near miss compilation, funny compilation and Scary compilations

These type of videos get an average of over 500 views.

I know although that might sound like a small amount of views for you, just imagine how much money you can start earning when you have like 10 YouTube channels on different niches all pumping out one video a week.

That’s 10 videos per week, 520 per year and as you can imagine if you’re getting paid say a dollar or per 1000 hits excluding ad YouTube ad click, you’d be earning $400 to $1000 per video. Now more realistically I’d say

you’ll be earning about $40 to $100 per video, but the thing is, that video will continue earning money through-out the year, That meaning literally the sky’s the limit on how much you earn.

Now there is no surprise that some YouTube creators are uploading Tiktok videos on YouTube and generating tons of views and subscribers

The only problem is that when you upload some Tiktok videos on YouTube, your videos gets a copyright claim and when that happens that video automatically loses its ability to make money through AdSense the YouTube monetization program

In this video, I’ll be sharing with you some of the best strategies that the top YouTubers use to make money on YouTube and how you can do the same, even if it’s on a smaller scale.

So here is what we will be going through in this video,
  • First we will be looking at why Tiktok videos easily get a copyright claim and how to avoid it
  • I will show the 4 factors that YouTube recommends creators to follow, when uploading Tiktok compilation YouTube without ever worrying about any copyright claims
  • Then we will look at 3 different ways of making money on YouTube with your uploaded Tiktok compilation and yes that includes monetizing even compilation videos that currently has a copyright claim
  • Now if you just started your Tiktok compilation channel and your videos are not generating a good amount of views, make sure to keep watching till the end because i will show you how to easily get views to your video as a beginner
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How To Download TikTok video on PC [Desktop | Laptop]

Downloading TikTok videos gives you the options to share the video to other preferred platforms

It also gives you the option to be creative with the short video clips

Either way you fist have to download the Tiktok videos file first, In this video I am going to walk you through on how to download TikTok videos on your desktop device

TikTok Chrome Extension:


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How to Make TikTok Compilation Videos for YouTube without Copyright

As you probably already know there is no drought YouTube is clamping down hard on compilation videos especially those that contain copyrighted content.

However on the other hand YouTube is also giving creators who are creative a way to wiggle their way to making actual money from their compilation videos on YouTube.

As you probably already know It's clear that there is an interest in TikTok videos on YouTube. there are Many compilations videos, accumulating millions of organic views from YouTube

In this video we are going to be looking at how some creators are make tiktok compilation videos on YouTube without copyright

What youtube says about Reuse content on their platform and finally what you need to do if you really want to be successful with your Tiktok compilation videos

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