Vlog Make a quick 4 second clip and I'll shout out your channel!


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It's one of my YouTube friends birthdays this Saturday. I met her through a collab channel I am part of, and although we've never actually met because she lives on the other side of the world, I think she's pretty awesome!

She's been having a hard time lately, so I thought I'd do something cool for her birthday!

Basically I'm surprising her by getting a heap of internet clips of people dancing crazy or saying happy birthday and editing them together, and uploading the video onto the collab channel, and thats where you come in!

All you have to do is record a short clip just a few seconds long, saying 'Happy Birthday Rowan' or dancing or anything birthday/party related!

You don't have to edit it or anything, just email me the clip and I'll put it in the video!

To thank you for helping out, I will put your channel in the description of the video, and give you a shoutout on my own personal channel!

My email address is superstephman@gmail.com so I hope to see your video!

Thanks so much!
so if i send you a clip of me coming out of a bouncy castle filled with pink jello, its still birthday related right?
You can take a clip from my video Niko goes to Molly and Sadie's Birthday

Basically my dog goes to his friends' bday party and so there's tons of dogs and its really cute and he wears this thing that says happy birthday in felt candles around his neck