Make $100/Day with YouTube Shorts without Making Videos

Boris Qs

I Love YTtalk
YouTube shorts if you still do not know is YouTube way of getting back to TikTok, I say that because YouTube shorts videos are the same as TikTok videos
The only advantage YouTube shorts videos have is the fact that they belong to YouTube and Google which are both giant search engines so there is a high chance your shorts videos will be getting more views in the long term than your Tiktok videos

Shorts videos are basically 1minute long vertical videos on YouTube, Now since this channel is enabled for monetization, I have the option to monetize the shorts videos with YouTube ads

You can also do so on your channel if you choose but the truth is shorts videos are good for generating views on your channel but they make your channel almost nothing in terms of YouTube ads monetization

So how then can you make $100 or more with YouTube shorts?

Actually its very simple and many creators are already doing it.

Its called micro reviews, You have seen a lot of long YouTube reviews videos based on any particular product, it can be based on digital or new tech products, Health products and the different Amazon products.

You can make a shots video reviewing something that you have been using or you have bought before, may be its a new phone, or health product like a weight lose product For example,

That means you have to become an affiliate of any product that relates to the topic or niche of your channel and start promoting the product in your shorts videos

In this video I am going to walk you step b step how to set up a campaign with your shorts videos, so you will be able to start making up to a $100 or more by just simply uploading shorts videos that you didn't even create your self