Gaming Looking to recreate the core aspects of the DREAM and Callmecarson SMP


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Dec 21, 2022
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What is this collaboration?

The goal of this collaboration is to recreate the core values of the last two prominent SMP's (callmecarson, dream smp) and combine them together. I want to create a content factory on a Minecraft server that combines both plot and comedy and intertwines them. I have the avenue of plot and script written up, but the aspect of actual comedy or the "haha funny" isn't there yet. the player base I created for the server isn't willing to make and create content or much less even log on the server. The main drive of the SMP is going to be the Mine Mine No Mi mod, which takes devil fruits from one piece and creates them on minecraft, there's a lot of goofy, crazy and interesting ideas that can be created with this concept so I want to expand with this. The more the better, the server limit is 40 players and I am not discriminating to who would rather join and not join.

What are the requirements for the collaboration?
There are very few requirements, however I request that you are at least about 17 years of age, willing to record and make content and are able to spare time and f**k with things in the server so we can play off each other and make content. Also please be willing to install a mod pack for the server

How is your collaborator going to reach you?
You can reach me on Discord, here is the server: and my personal discord Kendrick#0061

When will the collaboration take place?
This project for content will be held over the course of 1 month, If any of us produces content that gets over a minimum of 5k views on tiktok, youtube shorts, or youtube, I will keep funding it as a business adventure