Meet Up/Gathering Looking to collab, south Florida youtuber here

I'm a new youtuber (250 subscribers) looking to collaborate and make some good stuff, hit me up if interested!!! Social media @kristianaguiar
I'm in longwood, Just a heads up, neither of the reply's channel links work! I would love to collab or just do a meet up if we could meet in the middle.
I cant get mine to work for whatever reason... I'll have to try again.[DOUBLEPOST=1499617953,1499617533][/DOUBLEPOST]Michelle Swenson, looks like you are into disney, like us! Currently editing a disney vlog. Maybe we could do a Disney Collab Sometime![DOUBLEPOST=1499619336][/DOUBLEPOST]Link works now! Also, I can't use reply to conversations at the moment, because I haven't had 50 posts yet!