Gaming Looking to colab with poketubers mainly in EU


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hey! I am new to the youtube scene, content making wise, but I am active and make 1 - 2 videos a day. I also don’t have many subs at the moment but trust me I am very active on youtube so I will do everything in my power to get that up. Pokemon related only for now. I do smogon battles, lets plays and walkthroughs with commentary and I am looking for another poketuber to colab with. My time zone is gmt+2 and I record from 8 amd until about 2pm. If you’re in the USA or any similar timezone if you can stay up that late which will be about midnight for you guys then I am also happy to colab. When it comes to communication I am very flexible so that means discord, skype, or any other software I am definitely up for. My discord is Bernes#1515 so feel free to message me there or reply to here. Age requirments 18+ please because I do make all types of jokes on my videos as well as use all konds of words. Lol. So yea if you’re interested don’t hesitate to let me know :)