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Hello, everyone!!! My name is Hiper115 or Hiper for short, recently I have been thinking of making a youtube group. This group would consist of ONE person from every different type of genre of video making (e.g. gaming, music). I will make a place where we can all talk to each other (probably a discord server). The aim of the group would for all of us to help each other, do collabs and grow bigger together. It would be a place where let's say you made a video but wanted some music, you could ask the musician of the group for help and maybe you'll give him a shout out in exchange. BUT I'm only allowing ONE person from each genre of video making to join, this is to make the group not too big and crazy and to also lets us make a bond and to be an actual "group" not just some people who talk to each other. Now some requirements.

1. I don't really care about age but as long as you sound and look professional you can join

2. I'm not going to put a sub limit on but just remember this is meant to be a group for YouTubers just starting out or haven't gone too far

3. THIS IS SERIOUS, I am planning for this thing to last for a long time and you need to be serious in your own youtube videos and in the group and be willing to stay and not just quit straight away

4. You need to be able to work with other people and help them as they help you, don't just come on because you want more subs, you need to want to help the group get better and bigger in the future.

So do you think you have what it takes? give me a message on what your youtube channel is like (including link), why you want to join and what you could bring to the table. (I will respond to your message if I have chosen you)

Skype: Hiper115
Discord: Hiper115#0574


Hope to see your reply's, bye!