Gaming Looking for personalities to help pilot a new YouTube series


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Dec 13, 2022
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Hi everybody!

My name is Matt, I used to be have a gaming/music YouTube channel with ~150k subscribers. I'm currently starting a new channel with one main series. Here's the premise:

- There will be three recurring players, with a rotating moderator each episode.
- We play a set of games that are variations of "submit-and-judge" card games - kind of like Cards Against Humanity, but with a little bit more variety.
- We've made the initial batch of cards, but the plan is to pivot to a system where viewers/fans submit their own cards that we use for these videos.

We've been developing software to support this for the better part of about 6 months and we're getting ready to record a test episode (which will be uploaded) before we start recording season 1. We're looking for some folks we can feature as a moderator in any of those episodes!

We're not concerned with how big your channel or following is - as long as you have a charismatic/funny personality and a webcam and microphone with decent quality, we'd love to work with you.

Thanks for your time, hope to here from some of you soon!