Gaming Looking for PC gamers to start Cool Funny Moments Group

my YT channel Ashchamp24 i make montages but now i want to make funny moments like what the sidemen used to do and Vanoss.
I play:
Gta 5
Battlefield 1
I can download Fortnite if you guys wanna play but i havent played, so idk i guess any free game pretty much XD

Yeah like i said wanna make like a funny moments kinda videos
I'm building a gaming PC soon. I might when I build it. I'd probably do GTA V though.
Hey I can Join you. But i can only do Minecraft and Warframe, we could do some CS:GO as well maybe. My DIscord is Scorp#2161 if you want to contact me
Hi! I'm very intrested in starting a cool PC gaming YouTube group! I have 1.3k subs add me on discord if you are interested! Strange#1898
Hey, I'm Amphi I'm 19 years old if you still looking for people to have fun playing games I'm not a Content Creator but I would love to participate, you can hit me up on discord if you wanna talk. ;)