Music Looking for female vocalist for a Piano/Vocal video game cover!



I had this urge the other day to do a piano cover on 'Eyes On Me' from Final Fantasy 8 but thought it would be super epic if I did it with some vocals! So I went off and did a draft of the piano accompaniment but realized I should probably look for a vocalist.

In my desperation to find one (because they seem to have all went into hiding haha), I have found myself here.

It's basically just an audio version of the song. It won't be video recording because I don't have a good enough camera for that haha. So I would just need decent sounding audio. :p

Anywaaaaays, let me know if you're interested!

My YT Channel is 'OstilMusic'

Thanks. :)
Darling so there you are... I freaking love that song but I can't beat the way Faye sings it :) I have that on my iPod. It's the best FF series ever!
Position closed, found someone. Thanks!

@Lilikoi - Practice and maybe we could do a duet sometime. :p