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H2O ToonLink

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Nov 27, 2017
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Hello everyone my name is H2O ToonLink but you can call me H2O ToonLink and I got tired of looking, because everyone is tell how many subscribers they need and how old you gotta be, etc, anyway so I decided to make one, I do have rules but not that much (I’m getting back into YouTube, before was because I started technic issues with my PC, but I got get fix now, I hope) Anyway, Rules!

1.have a mic (it doesn't have to be good, as long as I can hear you then you should be fine)

2.have a recording device (I don't care if is crappy, hey we all gotta start somewhere)

3,have an Xbox or PC (I have a PS4 but I don't play on PS4, yet for some reason my PC doesn’t want to pick up my mic, I’m working on it, everything else, it’s fine) in the weekends (it doesn't really got to be in the weekends, I just said that because people mostly play on the weekends)

5.Not get offended easy (I sometimes do say a lot of s**t, but I guess it’s more on how much I get to know you)

Anyway, that's all, also please read this part, is important, if you’re doing this to grow your channel, it’s completely fine, I’m not here to tell you on what you can and can’t do, but just keep this mind, I’m not really trying to make my channel grow, I’m just doing this for fun ok, yes I don’t mind growing but that isn’t my number 1 goal, I just want to entertain people. Second, If you do live somewhere different or have a different time zone, schedule, etc, I would recommend for you to tell me first, that way we can work things out, usually I stay up all night and work in the morning, if we can either have a schedule planned that would be great or if we have similar sleeping schedules, that’s also fantastic but we gotta see on that, if you’re wondering, my timezone is MST time and thirdly, I don't care how much subscribers you have (like come on isn't obviously already), I’m just here to have fun and have a good time, I mean aren’t we all? Fourth, I don’t do family friendly content, if you wanna be family friendly, I wouldn’t recommend collabing with me, and that's it (thank god)

How to contact me:

Send me a message on Xbox:H2O ToonLink

Add me on discord:H2O ToonLink#7579

Send me a message Instagram:h2otoonlink

Add me on Steam:H2O_ToonLink

My YouTube channel:

Here’s my address:123H2OToonLink street

My credit card information: 1473-2627-I-forgot-the-rest

Also, if you wanna play or make a video, you gotta send me message first, I’m either busy at the time or asleep, so sorry if I awhile to reply, anyway I hope you find this interesting (and me) and I’ll see you later, or not, I don’t care, it’s not like that is going to hurt my feelings or anything…