Looking For British Creators


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Nov 24, 2021
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Hello everyone,

My name is FoxAkimbo and I'm looking for online creators based in the UK to help take part in my upcoming documentary...

My group and I want to do a deep dive into content creators, in order to find out the difference between perceived online personas and the reality of the individual, their actual selves, behind the camera. With a recent study showing that children are 3x more likely in the UK to want to grow up to become vloggers compared to astronauts, it seems as though the hype around internet personalities is only staying, and so we're also intent on finding out if there are any downsides or misconceptions about content creation that the masses often don't consider. So many young people are clawing at internet fame, and we feel as though the consequences of this are not being spoken about enough, and want to create an expose on the subject. With your gargantuan rise to popularity over the past year, we really think that your voice on the subject could be invaluable.

Ideally we're looking for someone with more than 10K followers on any social media that can give us some more well knowledgable insight into the world of online creation.