Other Looking For Anyone To Colab with. And You Don't HAVE To BE In My Area


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Dec 5, 2017
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My youtube nic is J7409 I do weather each day on youtube. I have over 19,000 subs. I keep my channel up and try to my best do things like youtube wants me to :).. My real name is Jewel. I am looking for someone to colab with that doesn't do the weather. So if you do cooking, foodie,travel, or just aboutany kind of video except gaming. I am interested in what you have to offer. Have at least 1,000 subs and be in the united states. That's all i require. I would like to speak with you through e-mail and get to know you, and let you know what i have in mine as to how to do this and give it a try. If you are interested here is my e-mail at the bottom. Hope to hear from someone soon. Thanks for any responds ahead of time.......Jewel aka J7409.
May 22, 2019
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me and my friend have two channels. One is gaming and the other is a sports channel. We've been looking for a way to try and get our name out there and would be willing to do some type of collab and definitely more in the future. If you're interested at all in either channel just let me know and we can hash out some details.
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