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Mar 16, 2016
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Basically I am looking for someone to film themselves reading a script I wrote for a video I will l be producing soon. I wrote this in the comedy section because i think of it more as acting, but it will be for a gaming video. you dont have to play any games, just read the script, which is about 3-4 minutes long. The premise is that this will be like a "video in a video." this video will be playing in the the background and some on camera parts will be shown in the main video, starring me. The video will be a parody of the usual gaming video. Again I put this in comedy as anyone with a proper game channel would like to promote themselves or might not want to make themselves look foolish.

The actor can be male or female, but must fit the image of geek or nerd. you should not look "cool" at all. polo shirt and black glasses area plus! As for background anything in a normal home would be fine, if you have games, they should go behind you and if you have a green screen , then I can use any image.

if you are interested send me a message, the goal would be to have the video uploaded by mid march, so lots of time to do it.

thank you!!


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Feb 11, 2020
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Im interested in your position! I have a polo shirt and black glasses also have games and I think I fit your description pretty well. I’m also an extrovert and have been making videos for a while so feel very comfortable on camera! If you have any question or are thinking of choosing me, you can dm me on Instagram @FireWithDustin. Or message me here! Thanks!
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