Vlog Looking for a person to make a test collab video (Business related)


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Oct 21, 2019
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Greetings, I am an entrepreneur from Switzerland who is planning to start a Youtube channel related to small business, self-development and entrepreneurial topics. I'd like to make a test collab video with someone who is already having an experience of being a businessperson or who would definitely like to become one. Being a businessperson is not a requirement, so if you do have a youtube channel, or even if you don't have one but are willing to take part in our test video - you are welcome.

Here is what I would like to have in a person I am looking for:
- Fluent English (preferably, native)
- An interest for business area (preferably, a businessperson)

I'd like to also highlight that I'm planning to have a remote interaction, so being in Switzerland is not a necessity.

Hit me up here or in PM for further conversation
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