Looking for a intro song


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Hey guys, I have recently created an intro, and require an original song (instrumental) for the intro, so copyright will not be a problem.

Your Payout:

100 YTtalk Cash
1 Subscriber (me)
1 Link back to your channel in every channel description
1 Featured channel (yours)

Please reply and we can talk further and I can show you the intro so you could see what you could do. Until then, I will just be using some paid music from itunes :D

Thanks to everyone who attempts at making the song!

EDIT: feel really dumb about the title :oops: an intro not a intro lol
^this | Just to be completely clear to all who attempt, please do not add lyrics, and talk to me about my preferences and for a look at the intro!
Lol tbh, I could make a song in Abelton live 7, but I'm so unused to the program, it would be literally the worst thing lol. Can't wait for someone to agree to this :D
I can write anything, all I need to know is the style and i'll be straight onto it :)
OP, so did you find anyone who's done the job? I'm interested in this as well, would like to know who's capable of doing this.