Gaming Looking for a group of people (or person) to collab with! (17+ prefered)


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Jul 13, 2022
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My Name is Aiden! (BLKuterr on YT)
I'm looking for 1-5 people (possibly even more..) to start a gaming group with!
Personally I am a multi-game creator, I currently have a Minecraft sky factory series, and a new call of duty series currently active!
However, I am always looking to expand my reach with small series or just one offs.
At the moment, I would love to find people who will give a new life and outlook on common games like Minecraft and Cod, and be open to long series and long taking video recording!
I do swear in my videos but not crazy, just the occasional F that or WTH given reason...(lol).
I'm pretty busy in the early morning but usually my afternoons and nights are free!
Gender/Identity doesn't matter to me! I just want the same respect I'll give you back!
If this sounds like you hit me with a discord DM or msg me on here!
Thank you ! - Aiden
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