Logan Paul prepares for his $190M boxing bout


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Sep 5, 2013
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  • Paul will fight fellow YouTuber KSI in Los Angeles on November 9 in a fight that will be streamed by DAZN
  • The 24-year-old is best known for his outlandish and often tasteless pranks
  • He claims to have been training for the last year to take on KSI- who he fought once before in a match that was declared a draw
  • The fight is set to rake in $190million through ticket sales and subscriptions
  • It's so far unclear how much Paul, who is worth an estimated $12million, will take from that
  • He has brushed off fans demands that he be drug tested, and says he is preparing by drinking 'cow's blood'

Logan Paul, the controversial and unhinged YouTuber, will take on rival influencer KSI in an amateur boxing match in Los Angeles on Saturday that is being hailed as the 'biggest event in internet history'.

Paul, 24, is best known for his outlandish and, at times, tone-deaf pranks.

In the last two years, he has faced criticism for filming a suicide victim in Japan, was accused of animal cruelty for tasering rats, and staged a fake marriage in a Las Vegas chapel.

Now, the loud-mouthed influencer is set to rake in millions through the fight, which will be aired on sports streaming giant DAZN.

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I can't stay the guy but I suppose this is newsworthy due to the amount of money involved for an amateur boxing fight! I hope KSI knocks him out! Thoughts?
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