Let me present "LoLPlays" - League of Legends short videos.


Nov 12, 2015
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Let me present "LoLPlays" - League of Legends short videos.
So, hi guys! I want to share with you my new channel. It's new, but i was thinking to make this channel some months ago. Now is up and you can see some great videos.

So, what's about? Well, i have some great content, and quality is my first priority. I get a lot of videos from people that play this game, and they want to share that epic moment with others, that's why i create this great videos, for you! I have some playlists, i will explain every single playlist in just a moment, so:

Every day some players make epic games, and we are here to show you some beautifull epicness.
Every day we have a big, big fail for you. So check this playlist more often.
Check this playlist out, every friday night to watch the most funny top 10 fails of the week.
Every week, every friday night, we have a big and nice top 10 of the week with really great plays.

I enjoy to make all of this videos. And i really want to bring quality content, not just a lot of content. That's why i need your feedback. I try to make every single video, almost perfect. Not annoying stuff on video, not effect that can be disturbing for people, and stuff like that.

What you think about my channel? I know i dont have a lot of videos ( 17 right now ), but i started yesterday, and i have a long long road in my way.