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In this video I'm going to show you how to use lease options in your creative real estate investing. A lease option is an agreement in which an owner allows a person to use a property in exchange for rent, and also gives that person the right to buy the property for a specified price within a specified period. What this means is you buy the property today (getting to use and profit from it!) but you don’t have to pay for it until later. And best of all, I consider lease option purchases the most flexible strategy because they're easy to get into… and easy to get out of. What makes lease options so compelling is it gives you the ability to CONTROL a lot of property using very little to no money. And when done right there's very little risk. The terms of your lease option agreement will be important to both maximising your upside and minimizing your risk so it's very important you follow my 10 pro tips to help you structure everything correctly.

Timestamps 0:48 - what are lease options? 0:58 - how do lease options work? 1:10 - why lease options in real estate investing are VERY flexible! 1:52 - lease options explained (my rising boats analogy) 2:46 - Walk through demo to help you understand sandwich lease options - the 'A to B' and 'B to C' transaction 4:38 - flipping lease options 4:52 - wholesale lease options 5:08 - using lease options for your home (the home you want to live in) 5:27 - structuring lease options - 10 PRO TIPS for your agreement