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Just Cleared 150,000 Channel Views!


Commander Vlogs
I am very happy to say that I just cleared 150,000 channel views. I would say that is a pretty good milestone.
Right now I have 2249 subscribers and I would like to see 3,000 subscribers by the end of summer.
I feel that is pretty realistic considering that I am really starting to understand the ins and outs of YouTube.
Anyways, just wanted to share this achievement.

Now I am stepping up my game and I am back to doing daily vlogs. Gaming at least 2-3 days a week.
Pranks almost every week starting now! So with a minimum of 10 videos going up each week.
I should grow pretty fast. Oh and I am upgrading my VLOG camera too! :crown:
Thank you! I want to get a nice DSLR camera but, it's not in my price range. I am looking to buy a nice used camera on EBay for under $200. I am thinking about trying to get a used GoPro Hero 4.
Then in about 2 or 3 months I might get a GoPro Hero 5. Any advice on which vlogging camera I should get for under $200 maybe instead of the GoPro Hero 4 would be helpful.
Thank You Very Much!
The grind on YouTube never ends.
Just gotta work harder and harder at it until this becomes my full time job! :)
wow 150k....that's amazing bro I gotta ask.....how did you do it? any advice for those of us struggling to get ourselves known or seen by potential subscribers or fans? congrats on this amazing milestone, my reespects
I have been at it for about 2 years now. I started on Twitch with gaming and had a decent following already before I started YouTube. I pretty much told them all they have to subscribe to my YouTube channel almost every time I streamed. LOL
You could say I brainwashed them. Then I got into VLOG's, Reactions and Pranks. With every video I reached a different audience because, different titles, descriptions and keywords. If I did a VLOG on my yard work. Anyone searching yard work could find me. If I did a video with my dog anyone searching dog could find me and so on. I have uploaded 536 videos and with every video I have potential to reach new people.

I also use Twitter and Facebook to promote my videos.
I practically spam my twitter with my video links. LOL

I always try to be energetic and entertaining in my videos. Another thing is always trying to put out better quality by using higher quality equipment.
So, far that is what I have done.
I just recently discovered that forums are an amazing way to promote your videos.
Do you just do gaming or what else do you do on YouTube?
Sounds like you'll be a busy bee lol. Your success is something to be proud of, though. Congrats to your success on YouTube!
Thanks! :crown:
Yes, I am always busy. I also work a full time job also. It is hard working around my day job but, I still do daily vlogs and I try to keep them over 10 minutes. Because, videos over 10 minutes get more views.