Is this really what this site has become


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I know the amount of active users has been declining for years but is this really what the site has become? Instead of being the helpful YouTube resource where creators could get feedback and advice with a genuine community, it's just a wasteland riddled with generic spambots with 0 moderation... It's honestly sad seeing this, as it's clear that there is still some demand for yttalk to thrive - people are still making genuine posts sprinkled among the garbage, just to be drowned out by it.
I used to be on this site years ago, this is actually my first post here since (I think) 2019. And yep, looking at it now, it seems a little dead compared to back then. And unfortunately bots everywhere... :(
I can't even change my avatar because I keep getting server errors...

I think Reddit and Discord have gotten more popular over the years though. For example the NewTubers subreddit has grown quite a bit.

Wow! It's actually REALLY bad. Bots everywhere, barely any recent activity (other than, again, bots).
Very sad, because this website used to be great back in the day. Lots of great discussions, tips, techniques, long threads (spanning years), and just a lot of activity.

Really, really sad... :(
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