Is this of mine funny to you? Opinions and Feedback please!


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Hey everybody, I hope
you're all doing well!

My first couple of videos were kind of just recording of gameplay, dull, and not as exciting as this new video I uploaded today.

This video took about 7 hours of editing to make, but I feel like it was funny and i've asked a couple pals, but I don't know if they actually enjoy it or if they are just being nice. This video is some humorous gameplay of minecraft skywars including funny moments, gameplay, and silly edits.

So can you guys check out this video and tell me what you think?

I apolgize if the quality is low on here, it can go up to 1080hd on youtube.
If you do like it or thinks it's funny can you please tell me what you think stands out?
If you see flaws could you please tell me what I can do to improve it?
Should I make more videos like this?

Thank you all so much for taking your time to assist me with my channel, and I do appreciate all feedback, positive or negative.