Is there a way to increase the video quality without changing the resolution or to remove black bars?


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Jun 27, 2019
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HI, I just finishing editing a video that was recorded on a phone. This is the original video (
) it was originally 360p and when I uploaded it was 360p, which is normal. For youtube, it's been updated that when a video is recorded vertically, there are white bars on the left and right sides of the video. The original video's resolution is 480 x 600. But then I saw Grandayy's edit on a different but similar video, it was recorded vertically and it's up to 1080p. As seen here (
) I've searched up the original video to see if there was a higher quality he used but I did not find any. So I'm thinking that he increased the quality himself. So when I tried increasing the quality for my video on Premiere Pro, the only way to change is if I increase the revolution into 1280 x 720. I made the video high quality, but the issue is that I made the video into horizontal, now there are black bars present. I was wondering if there is way on how Grandayy did it on his video, making the quality to 720p and keep it vertical/to remove the black bars in the 720p version of my video. Please help me
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