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With the differing market reports coming from mainstream news outlets, you may be wondering: Is real estate a good investment right now? The answer is yes, and in this video I’ll explain how you can find motivated sellers regardless of what the mainstream media says. The thing is, no matter what the reports say, there’s always going to be people who need to sell due to changing life circumstances. These are the people who have been affected by things like disease, death, drugs, and divorce. In other words, any number of personal disasters. When these events happen, it’s up to smart real estate investors to find these people and purchase their properties. The reason why you’ll never hear about these sellers in the media reports is because life events force people to sell all the time, regardless of what the market is doing. These transactions often happen quickly, in a kind of off-market sector. So, is real estate a good investment right now? It all depends on whether or not you can find motivated sellers. They’re out there, you just need to know how to identify them. And tragically, due to COVID-19, these motivated sellers are becoming more numerous. The pandemic has created an increase in divorce, suicide, and financial ruin, to name just a few devastating life events. By keeping an eye on these life events, rather than the mainstream market, you’ll be able to purchase properties at low prices. The bottom line is that you can always find motivated sellers if you know where to look. Is real estate a good investment for you to make right now? I’d say it’s a better time than ever.