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In case you’ve been ignoring the news during the past several months, there has been a growing movement that is threatening the capitalist system, and thus, private property. It goes by the name of Antifa. So, what is this movement and what do they stand for? Well, it stands for “anti-fascist” and it’s a militant group of protesters who stand against many of the injustices in our society. In theory, what they are standing against is very uncontroversial. However, what is controversial, and in fact, ironic, are the methods they use to accomplish their mission. You see, the definition of fascism is the forcible suppression of an opponent wielding a strong command over society. Antifa has turned the situation on its head by engaging in aggressive and intimidating tactics in their push for a restructuring of the capitalist system. And how does this affect you? Well, part of their mission is redistribution. Because they paint the evils of capitalism with a very broad brush, they don’t distinguish between those who fairly earn their wealth and those who do not. They would like to take the wealth that you worked hard for, and give it to someone else -- simply because the other person has less. The problem with the government stepping in and running the economy is that it just doesn’t work as well as the private sector. Just look at the DMV, or TSA. Would you want the inefficiencies of these agencies brought to other vital parts of your life? The fact is, Antifa, for all its good intentions, has it all wrong. By misinterpreting the history of the capitalist system, they are attacking the very thing that ensures a better standard of living for all. And that’s something that should matter to everyone. .