Intro Music


I've had a few suggestions I should add a some intro music to my quiz show, just a little jingle. Would like to know the best ways in which to make one and to not have it flagged for copyright. Or if someone could make one for me I would have you in the video and description as the maker of the music.
Tbh I don't know what sort of jingle I want. What would you have if you had a quiz. Only bell I have is obe on my bike.
I was going to say try and record the bell sound yourself, is it for when the next round comes up?
Just on the intro page thinking about it now actually I might create a jingle for the start of the show then record the bell sound for between questions
I can imagine one of them desk bell noises for the rounds going onto the next one. I could have a go at making you a bell noise that you could use although it wont be a bell as I havent got one but it will sound similar.