Instrumental for parody song and lyrics


So, since I'm working in a parody, I was wondering if I can use the instrumental in a karaoke version taken from youtube and not get a copyright strike? Also, if I use the same lyrics but I sing them, am I going to get a copyright strike?
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I think you are covered over creative commons I have done many parody songs with kareoke tracks and its been fine - you'll be ok
A song's composition is also copyrighted so you can still get claims. Also how is it a parody if you're going to see the same lyrics?
Creative Commons is a type of license. The licensor must decide on this. You cannot just use something and justify it with the words "Creative Commons". Do you mean "fair use"?
Fair use, I think that might well be it yep - youtube is a wash with people covering songs with backing tracks...
Parody is allowed by fair use but to my knowledge you aren't allowed the original instrumental. The key is that youtube finds it very hard to detect them if other content is layered on top.