Icons for YT background

Thanks for trying to help,but this time it didn't help me. I want that they would be black and that there would be Twitch,Youtube,Twitter,YouTube Subscribe,Paypal icons and they would be black ( Well Paypal doesn't need to be ) . Thanks..I am still trying to find them.
I dont know of any black packs with Twitch too, you could try doing them in PS or make a request for some custom ones.
I know that Shane.Vultra uses it too.I had once those,but i needed to reinstall my pc,don't remember where i can find them.
Just search up e.g. black transparent twitter logo" on google, also you can download graphics packs that youtubers have put up for download,

And it doesn`t matter if they`re black or not because you can just use the same style on them :p