I Need Suggestions-"for growing gaming youtube"


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I just hit 10,000 views, and I am getting more everyday reliably. I am also producing a lot of content with a nice variety within the gaming community. I feel confident now but am wondering about signing/partnering with channels. I am aware of TGN and Machinima, but what are your thoughts? Should I wait till I have more subscribers/views?

Also, I probably need a background/professional avatar icon.

Any ideas or tips are welcome and greatly appreciated.
use this website.

It will start updating in about 2-3 days with your information. It shows you how many subscribers per day and views.
Most partnership programs do not look at subscribers at all. Majority of them want an average of 1,000 video views per day and 15 uploaded videos

Machinima is one of the hardest partnerships to get. Pretty much in order to get a machinima partnership you need to already be well know.... (100,000+ subs, 10,000+ views per day)

I would recommend going for TGN after you have a solid 1000 video views per day and have NO COPYRIGHT MATERIAL at all.