i just fell like i am not growing at all can someone pls tell me what i am doing wrong? check out my channel pls.

So, I have a strong feeling you're just baiting us to go give you just a few more views on your videos, but I'll willingly go in.

Your channel is not even 1 week old and you're already frustrated and complaining about slow growth. YT is a pentathlon, especially gaming. You don't just "sprint" up to whatever arbitrary numbers (subs, views, likes...) you want to get to in your head. Give it time, or go do something more productive with your life instead.
I see your video is most about game play, maybe throw in a funny story or something about ur day and make it funny. I always go back to those videos where they make it funny.
DinHasAim , it took 5 years to get where I am today,,, that is why I found a topic that I could do for the rest of my life for free & that is creating memorable videos of special events in life. I started with games too, then renamed the channel & changed topic, hope this message helps. btw you have good thumbnail designs, with some videos being a bit too long but maybe that's a thing with games