I can help you with song mixing.

We were shooting on the water on an island-- one mic lacked a windscreen. Most of the audio guys I've showed this to have cringed.
Oh i can do that....easyly...i though you were talking about some creepy ancient stuff....send the track/audio to my email and i will edit it.
I will do it for free....though an annotation or a shout out on your video would be appreciated. :)
Tell you what, send us your "amazing official music video" and I'll clean up your masks so that your not faded over the fire. And I can animate those flames if that's what you want.
We sent a link to your inbox on YouTube. Let us know if that link has locked you out. That's our internal copy. If you think you can fix it, I can email you a filedropper link of an .OMF or .AIFF? What format do you work with audio in?