How To Turn On Autoplay On YouTube Video


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There are so many channels out there that I believe should utilise the autoplay feature on YouTube but dont or just dont know how. This tutorial will show you how to enable autoplay for your featured video in only a few simple steps.

1. Visit your YouTube Channel logged into YouTube.
2. Click Videos and Playlists at the top.
3. Look for Featured Video.
4. Select the video you want as featured.
5. Check the box next to Autoplay featured video.
6. Click Save and enjoy!


There are many reasons as to why you should enable autoplay, first and foremost it almost guarantees that someone watches at the very least a second or two of your featured video. You are able to switch them over too which allows you to concentrate attention one in particular at any time. The autoplay feature I believe is why many of the partners not only get hundreds of thousands of views but hundreds of millions, consider this, EpicMealTime

has the featured video on autoplay, many people visit the EpicMealTime channel every minute and each one of them visitors gives the video an extra view. This is precisely why you want it on and you should never worry about people thinking you're doing it deliberately and so on, forget what others think and do what is best for yourself and your own videos.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helped :)
I feel like autoplay is something that people doesnt want because if their first going to check out the channel or find their spesific video then its annoying to have the video with sound in the background.
Just my thoughs.
I love Autoplay, I always have it on, it just annoys me when I add a view to my own vids...

You could try adblock plus to fix that, you can block videos throughout the whole of YouTube if need be but I believe it only performs as well in Firefox, there is the Chrome extension but its still in beta I believe.
I have it on myself for them mostly when my speakers will be on loud and I am listening to music. I think NoScript works on them too but its too much hassle for most people.