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If you’re wondering how to start in real estate then this video is for you. I’m talking with Myles Berrio, a former wedding and commercial photographer who has done very well in the seven months that he’s been investing in real estate. Despite COVID-19, he’s already made multiple deals and is expanding his investments. So, how did he do it?

The first thing he did was study. He pretty much found all of the available free resources and learned as much as he could from them. Podcasts, Youtube, books -- he wanted to dive in and really educate himself.

Next, he started reaching out to motivated sellers. He did a lot of driving for dollars -- driving around looking for distressed properties -- and used www.truepeoplesearch.com for phone numbers. Within a month of starting, he was already investing in real estate and had closed his first deal.

If you’re learning how to start in real estate, it’s important to learn from people’s mistakes. One thing Myles wished he had known was to not be so adamant about his 70% ARV. He felt like he lost a lot of deals when he didn’t really have to be so strict about it.

His biggest win so far is a property that could yield him a profit of 80,000-100,000 dollars. What’s great about this opportunity is that he found it on Nextdoor, a neighborhood-based app. By reaching out to people through Nextdoor, he quickly found a highly motivated seller.

The future for Myles is very promising, and his success holds a lot of insights for people learning how to start in real estate. If you want to get serious about investing in real estate, Myles describes a path that worked well in a short period of time.