How to record videos and speak in this style?


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Nov 15, 2021
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Hi, I'm fairly new on YouTube, I will talk in front of the camera about topics related to self-help and the like and the two styles I would like to integrate as part of my public speaking and vlogging abilities are the two linked down below:

The last thing I would do is to read from a script, that is definitely not for me.

That's why I'm wondering, how do they do it? Do they use an outline? Do they only memorize the main points and then just talk in front of the camera with no script whatsoever? Is it pure impromptu speaking? How do they do it?

I know it took them a lot of time to get to that level but how can I make sure I'm in the right path practicing and doing what needs to be done in order to reach that type of high level of public speaking and impromptu speaking abilities?


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Dec 27, 2019
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Welcome to forum, I write down topics/outline for more complex videos then elaborate/expand on each while changing angle/view between them - no script
I know it took them a lot of time to get to that level
was about to say that but you already know, yes chances are it took them a while, they also started earlier which helps a lot because with every passing day there's more competition, also now there's more video-abled platforms which take away viewers from YouTube, like IG & TikTok


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Oct 9, 2017
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there are a couple of ways you can do it naturally, if it's a short script and you have a good memory, just remembering your lines and trying to deliver them in a natural way can be the quickest way.

There are multiple "Autocue" apps you can get that'll let you have a rolling script so you can speak the script out loud as it rolls down. that can really help in giving a natural delivery vs just reading it off paper aloud.

you can also just do your self "half notes" rather than an actual script. basically key hit points you want to get through over the course of your video. that gives you the benefit of stopping you from missing anything, while also giving you the option to improvise your lines so you dont feel quite as stiff with a script.

me? I use a hybrid for mine. if it's short, i'll just do bullet points and improvise, if it's long form I'll use the autocue. but theres no reason why you couldnt combine bullet points AND an autocue to help you speak slowly/naturally while also not missing any points :)