How To Negotiate Real Estate Price (& Terms!) - Real Estate Investing For Beginners - Video 10

Epic Real Estate

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In this video I'll be revealing how to negotiate real estate price and terms. As the saying goes, you make your money when you BUY real estate, so today I'll be sharing my best strategies to ensure you negotiate the best possible price. Here's what you've got to remember - as an epic real estate investor you want to buy a house using either: - your price and the sellers terms OR - the sellers price and your terms As long as you can control one of those variables, you can always make sure the property negotiation ends up favorably for you.

My Comprehensive Real Estate Negotiation Strategy: 1:46 - Expectations - how motivated is the seller? 3:23 - Intent - the CORRECT mindset and approach to adopt throughout the real estate negotiation 4:46 - Strategy - playing "good cop" so you can control either price or terms 5:58 - Process - real estate negotiation role play including what to ask during your interview and how to conduct your meeting and follow up process 13:01 - Ninja House Buying Tactics - golden nuggets that'll help get you over the finishing line