How to monetize as a simple iPhone vlogger.


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The iPhone's camera is a pretty neat device and is able to record decent quality, especially the iPhone 4 with widescreen capability, but is Google Adsense to annoying to work up? I'm gonna give a simple tutorial on how to make revenue from the iPhone.
(please note: this may be a Youtube revenue forum, but you can also upload your vlogs to Youtube)

Step 1: Sign up for a Videofy.Me account. It's a very simple registration! (There is also an iPhone application which will allow easy uploading.)
Step 2: Register for monetization which should be easy to find. Once accepted, look at pay rates:
Origin of the viewersCPM
The CPM depends on the origin of the viewers of your website. How much you make per thousand ad views.
Australia 2-5 AUD
Canada 1-8 CAD
Denmark 3-9 EUR
Finland 3-9 EUR
France 3-9 EUR
Germany 5-12 EUR
India 0,5-3 USD
Ireland 1-5 EUR
Italy 3-9 EUR
Netherlands 3-9 EUR
New Zealand 2-6 NZD
Norway 30-90 NOK
Saudi Arabia 0,5-2 USD
Spain 3-9 EUR
Sweden 50-150 SEK before taxes.
United Kingdom 1-8 GBP
United States 2-9 USD
(Views will usually depend on who watches an ad, and not only on the views.)

Step 3: Record videos on your iPhone camera and trim them to the length you desire.
(I don't use iMovie for the iPhone, but it also works on that.)
Step 4: Keep on an upload daily path, first uploading to Videofy.Me, then to Youtube in a certain period, all from your iPhone! For uploaded Youtube videos, post the link in the description to your newest Videofy.Me video for easy use.

An average upload schedule should see moderate revenue from Videofy.Me, plus using Adsense will allow it to grow as well. Full satisfaction might not be guaranteed, but if you have run out of options, I'd recommend using it if you've been disabled from Adsense.