How to make sparkles?

I'm going to a video on how to do this very shortly, I will post it up for you soon. My Camtasia has been playing up tonight and I need to reinstall it first. I cant make the sparkle particles from scratch and that would probably be better done in Adobe After Effects but I will show you how you can do and quickly.
Okay I have given it a go, the sparkles I cant make from scratch but here is a video with sparkles added over the top, you can download loads of sparkle effect video files here although I dont have a clue who is the original author:

The link to the effects was found on one of troyella0stories0 videos on YouTube.

Here is our cat with a sparkle effect, not very creative I know but it gets the job done:

If you need any more help just ask and we will do our best to help you out.