How to Make Money on YouTube without Showing Your Face [Reddit Stories videos]

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So if you are still looking for ways to make money on YouTube without showing your face or recording your voice

You might be interested in trying out reddit story videos

And that's because Reddit videos are actually one of the easiest videos to create, It involves just a snippet of comments copied from reddit, an automated voice over, and a background sound if you choose

Many YouTubers have found success on the YouTube platform without even showing their faces, using just Reddit story videos

Now lets start by clearing the dust, So there is a controversy going on online in video forums that Reddit story videos are not monetized because of re-use content and all that

but the truth is that usually happens only with channels that don't transform their reddit stories in to a unique videos

Take the Karma Comment Chameleon Channel for example, according to socialblade the channel is making between $300 to 5k a month and between $3k to over 60k a year

Now that amount is not suppressing because, if you look at the channel you will see that it has accumulated over 100 thousand subscribers, and the videos turn to generate a good number of views within a very short time

Which also goes to show that many people are interested in this type of videos even though a few people think otherwise

If you click to play any of the videos you can see its monetized.

These are basic video made with reddit comments being read by the creator and a free video clips playing in the background nothing fancy or complicated

If you go below in the description area you will see the links to the same post that was used to create the video

So how do you go actually creating this types of videos, and how can you create them even without using your own voice to read through the text

That's what I will be showing you next but first if this is your first time to this channel and you are interested in Creating automated videos like the reddit story videos make sure to check out my Latest Ideas and tips YouTube automation playlist

In this video, we are going to look at how you can also succeed financially on YouTube without showing your face using Just simple made Reddit Stories