How To Make A Flexable Video Camera Arm For Under £10 (US$15)


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Hi everyone, I often do reviews of computer hardware and other stuff on my channel, CarlsTechShed. The problem I came across most often was explaining something while taking something apart and holding my video camera at the same time. I came up with a solution while me and the Mrs. were walking around IKEA the other day and I found a flexible lamp for about £8.00. It is the IKEA TERTIAL lamp which I used and with the additional expense of a webcam tripod from Poundland for £1.00, I was able to make a video camera arm which will fit and hold any video camera with a standard 1/4" screw fitting (found on just about every video camera these days). This is my first post so YTtalk won't let me link to it but if you go on my channel, CarlsTechShed, it's near the top. Enjoy!
I've just looked at your channel and subscribed. I's really nice to see a Brit who knows his stuff.
Great channel, great videos, big thumbs up.