How to : Get videos over 15 minutes.

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Why hello their, you seem to have stumbled upon a wonderful Tutorial on how to get videos over 15 minutes. Well have a seat children and we'll start learning.

So, you want to have a wide variety of videos over 15 minutes Boss?
That is an offer, i cannot refuse.

Okay lets get started STEP 1

Have no, and i mean NO (no, guys i dont mean maybe, this is a definite no) Copy righted material, this includes videos even from the YouTube website if they have the standard license on your video, if they dont have standard, feel free to take it. This also includes music, illegal documentations, Pornography and many more. At the bottom their will be links to some free websites and programs to help you get started.

Step 2

Have over 10 videos which have NO copyright. Make sure you remember to add tags to each of your videos so you get the views you deserve, dont add tags with nothing to do with the subject your on.

Step 3

Wait a couple of days or whatever and see if you have a blue message on "Upload a video" saying this "Congratulations! Your account is now enabled for uploads of longer than 15 minutes. Click the Upload button below to select a video." When wild blue box appears, capture the moment and do an epci slow motion jump.

After this, if you go on and gather up a nice little community of your own and a healthy video base, you can sign up for a partnership (Link also at bottom)

Thankyou for reading, if this wasnt helpful just remove it, if it was leave a nice little comment :D

GTGG, Mr Gingee.

Dont let the Bedbugs Bite!

Links; - Music 8bit Software, make your own music. - free screen recorder, It is free now guys, so their is no watermark! - Make your own Dubstep, House, Remixes and much more. - Brilliant animation program 100% get it. - Free intro maker, the music in it doesnt count as Copyrighted :D - Click apply now, you must be 18 or over and dont lie to youtube, they cant send you money without a bank. If you 18 and below (Like me) their is an option to get your mum or relative to sign you up via their account, and they can say their doing it for you, you can then write about what you do and wait a couple of months and then you get the news.
Great article, I wasn't aware of the limit imposed on new accounts but I have never uploaded a video that long before. Where is the partnership link? Also I have a question, is recorded gameplay classed as copyrighted material on YouTube? Can you still monetise such videos? I have always wondered that.
The link will be up soon for partnership program, And no, gaming videos are not copyrighted content, the game publishers accept that people will make videos on their games, which is going to lead to more Publicity to their games. Lets take Nova, SSoHPKC, Sp00n and Kootra. (You could also use BlueXephos for an example here) At the moment they are playing Dead island Co-op and they are some of the most popular game icons on youtube, therefore they are gaining my intrest in the game meaning i want to purchase it, if you get were i coming from. So theirs no need to Monetise these videos. I found out about the 15 minute thing about 3 days ago, where i got the message on video upload.

-Hope this helped-
What I mean is for example say you done gaming videos all the time as it was your hobby, you got hundreds of thousands of views playing Black Ops because your videos were great and YouTube offered you partnership and also the ability to have ads on your videos and for you to make money, would YouTube care about the recordings being of the games? I am sure the article will help those new or who have new channels :)
No not at all, youtube would probably rather you do this to bring more views to their sites! im sure youtube would try and encourage you to goto events and do Vlogs of games. Which would be good of youtube. maybe once every couple of months they would fly you over too see their "Homebase" XD. Youtube loves gaming commentators, it brings in the biggest revenue, Im pretty sure its bigger than Vlogging nowdays!