How To Find Motivated Sellers - Creative Real Estate Investing For Beginners - Video 11

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A critical part of creative real estate investing is finding motivated sellers who are willing to accept creative offers. In this video, I cover several techniques that you can use to find those motivated sellers. The first technique is to look at sellers who are behind on their mortgage payments. These are known as pre-foreclosure properties. To find pre-foreclosure properties, you can either go to your county courthouse and find a listing there, or you can look for a listing on their website. Another way I’ve learned how to find motivated sellers is through low equity properties. These are properties that have a large loan as compared to the overall value of the home. The reason why these properties are a good idea to target is because there is often low competition and the sellers will be more willing to accept creative real estate investing offers. You can also find motivated sellers on old MLS listings. The nice thing about finding sellers here is that these people have been trying to sell their homes for a while; the market has told them that their properties are not worth what they originally thought they were. If you can make them a creative deal, like a leasing option or subject to deal, then they may be receptive. Learning how to find motivated sellers will allow you to start really embracing creative real estate investing. By dealing with people who are open to a variety of offers, you can finance that property you want without breaking your budget.