How to Dispute Copyright Claim on YouTube Fair Use 2021

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Basically the function of Copyright claims is to protect people's content from being stolen and used improperly. However, there are times when a copyright claims can be wrong and the claims can and should be disputed.

Luckily, YouTube makes it simple to submit a dispute to get such types of copyright claims removed from your videos

In the previous video on this channel, I showed you the four factors you need to follow to be able to upload animation videos without any copyright claims

The four factors are all designed to help transform copyrighted content to create videos that falls under the YouTube fair use guidelines

Now What if you follow all the factors correctly and still get a copyright claim? Then what

Yeah that's right, you can follow all the necessary steps to create a video that falls under fair use on YouTube and still get a copyright claim

So Why does that happens? and how to dispute the claims is what this video is all about

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