How to Convert Horizontal YouTube Video to Vertical for Instagram IGtv

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Instagram is one of those platforms you can use to drive traffic to your website, youtube channel or any other platform you are growing online
IGTV', or Instagram TV, has a YouTube-like platform where people can post long form videos.

Similar to YouTube, IGTV creators have channels which can link viewers to your website , your youtube channel and can be followed by instagram users. The major difference between GTV and YouTube is that videos are in vertical format (portrait) on instagram.

Most basic video editors only allow you to create videos in widescreen or landscape format.

Now As a solopreneur doing everything alone to grow your online presence creating an additional video content specifically for instagram can be a lot of work and time consuming

So the easiest way is to convert your landscape youtube videos to vertical and upload them on Igtv and link back from there.IGTV represents a great new channel to promote brands, products and services, and to increase Instagram followers and engagement.

In this video, I am going to show you how to repurpose your horizontal/landscape videos and post them on IGTV....Solopreneur Warrior

How to upload audio on youtube from phone 2019

We all know youtube doesn't allow audio files to be uploaded on their platform and That has resulted to many people using video editing software to add images and their audio together to create a videos that they can use to post on their channel.

The only problem with that method is if say someone is navigating through youtube with their volumes down they can easily bypass your video because all they will be able to see is a standstill image

You can see that in many podcast channels on youtube

What if you could add some animation waves like this to show viewers there is actually an audio playing....Solopreneur Warrior

Solopreneur Warrior