How to Change Youtube Channel Name

Sk Jony

YTtalk Mad
I face the big trouble on my channel name. I want to change my channel name but I can't. Anyone tell me the process in this solution.
Becareful, if you try changing it 3 times in a year you wont be able to do so again until a couple months I think, i'm not so sure but I know there is a limit.
When I try to change my channel name, it change google profile name. But channel name still the previous name.
Are you sure you picked the correct login? On my YT i have both my google+ and my YT channel.
My way of doing it is clicking my YT channel name in top right corner. Clicking the "wheel" and going "Edit on Google+". And there my option pops up where i can change the name.

Let me know where and how you edit yours.