How specifically do you use Twitter to promote your channel/videos?

Little World View

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I suck at social media and I'm wondering what routines do people use to promote on Twitter?

Do you tweet out to other peoples tweets to promote or do you just tweet on your min page? How do you establish your followers on twitter?

Do you look up what # are popular?

What have you found that works for you?
I am no expert but I retweet stuff, follow people, tweet at bigger youtubers or game companies, interact with new communities, share my videos with relevant hashtags...
I follow a couple YouTube specific accounts and tag them in my posts about my videos. Usually they retweet my videos which is nice. I also just tweet the video and use hashtags to promote. The first is more beneficial though
I find it ineffective unless you can get someone with a big active following to retweet your videos. But you do run a risk of looking like self-promoting spammer, so there's that.
I follow similar channels on twitter. I tweet when my videos are up. I retweet my followers tweets when they have a video up. I also downloaded a program that automatically messages my new followers with a quick hello and link to my channel, to save time. Hope it helps