How often do you change your background?


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How often does everyone change their YouTube background? Do you change it often or not at all once its up it is up? Do you think its a good thing to change it now and then? Is it bad changing it often for your audience? Please share your thoughts with us on this :)

Personally I change mine all the time but thats due to testing backgrounds out for our background sites. I dont think it is has any effect but that's with my own audience and they might like seeing what's on offer.
I dont change it really, only if i feel too.

and i think its ok to change it with an audience, but may confuse them.

I agree with the confusion you mentioned, I can imagine them getting used to seeing something over and over and then to see a new one they would probably be like wow or "I preferred the old one".
I change my background every now and then because I think it gets boring seeing the same one every day for too long and its nice giving people something fresh to look at.
I change my background when I feel the need, like lets say if there is a big game being released in a week I might change it to a background of that game, but most of the time it's just my CorruptDairy one