How much magic does a good background make?


Rhetorical Porcupine
I'm curious about the opinions you guys and gals have about the effect backgrounds have on your subscribers. Currently I've just got the stock black because I'm not a creative artist by any stretch of the imagination. My goal at some point is to commission a piece of artwork that I can use on my youtube channel and twitter feed (Post apocalyptic setting with a gritty but blinged out garden gnome on a chopper).

So my question is this. Do you think that a great background is enough to sway some people into taking your channel more seriously and thus potentially subscribing?
It is your chance to add some extra branding to your channel, you want to get your name out there and a good background can help achieve that especially if you have something relevant as your background and something your audience can recognise you by, similar to how a logo works for a website. It is your chance to make your name stick in their heads and I believe everyone should use a background as part of their own promotion. As long as the text on it is legible and the rest of it looks appealing it will show people youve put time into making your channel look nice for its visitors and also help keep you in their head :) I also think it shows you care about the channels appearance and that you want it to come across as professional. I think its also an opportunity to entice people to subscribe by writing on it on there, if it works well with annotations or mentioning it in your video then I believe the same applies to any imagery, you could add some text saying subscribe etc :)
Definitely have a background!! It brands your channel and videos, and makes your subscribers feel as though you have actually put a lot of time and thought in what you are doing :) and your channel will begin to look more professional
Yeah, a good background is much harder now with the new channel layout but can really make a difference.

I mean, in a first opinion kind of way, if i - or many other youtubers - saw an epic, professional looking channel it would positively affect how we perceive your content etc.

Obviously the whole thing is sort of vain, but I'd recommend you invest some time in a good background :)
I must say I don't really think having a background is as effective as it used to be. Since cosmic panda takes up so much space compared to the old youtube layout. But it really can help with your channel overall if the design is good that is.
i personally dont see the big deal about a fancy background on your channel. when youre browsing youtube, you see the videos first, not the persons channel background. you subscribe because you like their videos, maybe without even checking out their actual channel at all sometimes. i think about the youtubers that i subscribed to, before i ever started making videos myself, and i subscribed to people whos videos really spoke to me. this is all my opinion/experience and its not to say that having a fancy background doesnt actually help get subscribers. i havent done those statistics.
I believe what everyone here is saying is true! Having a strong presence and putting in some time to making your homepage inviting and memorable is what's going to gain you subscribers. I'm working on mine as we speak! :)